Go Anywhere. Do Anything: 9 Powerful Ways to Manifest Your Dreams

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Not Wakin’ up in the mornin’ feeling like P Diddy? Finding different reasons to the hit the city? (Tik-Toc Anyone? #Ke$ha) Feeling like your scene is just a little too

b-a-s-i-c? Wanna turn your 9-5 to a 9 - T H R I V E? Or maybe you just can’t see the finish line and still want to make it happen? What’s that you say? 

What’s this magic every one is talking about?

Manifest Your Greatness. 

The only way out is through.. Here are the 9 most magnetic things you can incorporate into your daily life to activate your dreams, NOW:


Keep it simple, just a pen and paper. When we write our story and exactly how we see it, The Universe puts it into action. Be crystal clear as you set your intentions. Get ready to say YES and watch the opportunities unfold :) Ps. If you must, keep your vents and release (complaints) in a separate book.

When you are willing to offer the vibration before the manifestation, all things are possible. It is Law.

-Abraham Hicks


Dream big. Usually its our own mind,  that limit our beliefs. Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine you are walking into the doors of your new job, you are greeted by the smiles of those who support and encourage you. Now, Imagine you’re opening the doors of your new car, what does it smell like? What kind of fabric are the seats. Who is behind the wheel? This is the most important thing when visualizing what you wish to come into fruition is, what does it look like and how does it makes you feel? Soon, these thoughts and feelings become physical reality. The mind says no way, no how..That is too big. The Universe says: As you wish. Everything is possible

Vision Board:

After you have written your story or all the things that you seek in your life, its a time to be even more creative. This a space that you will create a visually stimulating collage of all of that you wish to experience. This step super charges all that you desire, into reality. You can use magazine cutouts, colored pencils, a collection of photos, shoot even a written list will do. Get creative and love what you’re looking at. Place it somewhere so that you will see it, EVERYDAY! Each time you look at your work of art, your heart fills with love & joy! This raises your vibration. Every time, you connect with it, you are saying: YES I Deserve this! 

Wear Your Intention:

To heighten the vision board technique, you can accessorize your temple (yourself) with meaningful adornments. You can do this with jewelry, accessories, a certain hair style or even clothes you wear. Creating an even bigger reminder of the goals you are manifesting. This will keep your vision right in front of you, perpetuating even more momentum with all that you do. For example, next time you wanna go to that Yoga retreat on the other side of the world, find a symbolic ring or pendent and wear it everyday. This will surly empower your soul to keep moving. Next thing you know you’re opening your eyes in Bali, taking a deep breath into a forward fold… And of course your peaceful smile is drawn from ear to ear. You look down, knowing that little bling has been your constant reminder. A driving force, getting you just where you are meant to be!

 Glisten Up & Inspire Your Wardrobe Here

Speak it into action:

Like attracts like. When you talk about what you want, what your soul truly desires, the vibration turns into physical matter. Your words have power. Like it, love it, and as you enjoy it, talk about it as often as possible. When you speak about what you envision, you transform the energy to create more of that same vibration.


These little power punches are e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. If you’re not familiar, affirmations are a short collection of words you say to affirm what you believe, desire or wish to change. You can say them daily, every time you think a certain thought, or as you continue manifesting the gold! There are 1000's available or you can create your own. 


If you would like a real game changer, I would suggest You can Heal Your Life By Louise L. Hay 

Let Go:

When we can let go of all of our fear and uncertainties everything becomes possible. Routine surely brings balance but when we push past what is comfortable, that is where the magic happens. When we let go, we let possibilities in. Mantra: I release what no longer serves and I am open to receiving everything that I deserve. 


This is a simple as a few deep breaths a day. As large as a deep session with divine guidance.  When we meditate or focus on the breath we create room for clarity to come forth. This is where we sharpen our manifesticals. This is where we purify. The more clear our thoughts become, the more quickly our reality shifts. 

Thanks to Master Choa, you can find my favorite (Go-To-Heal-All) Meditation HERE 


This feeling or mental state is such an important element to emanate. It is through gratitude, we welcome opportunity. We are saying to The Universe “Yes, I am receiving” Gratitude helps us to feel as if the package has already arrived.  A grateful heart is one of the keys to self love & happiness. 

Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way you want it to be so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match every time. - Abraham Hicks


Where and when do you feel most connected to Source | God | The Universe ? 


Want to shine even more Love, Light and Laughter in your life? Lets connect. 

Cheyanne Walker is a Pranic Healer, Macrame Artist, and founder of TMM. Her bright light is recognized by her kind heart, pure example and innovative ways of helping others rediscover their greatness. With her Arhatic Yoga mindset, she empowers others to look inward to achieve the possible. Through culture, creativity and curiosity, she believes we can add depth to any horizon. Passion is her fashion and she wears it well.