Priceless Perseverance.

You can do anything. Except nothing.
— Anonymous

What I did with the most positive day of my life: 

It was a cool day in February, we were six days into the the month. Although I was weeks early, I decided that it ways time to make myself known. I was sure to come in a timely manner and at my own pace, but my parents had another plan. 

My mother, an abused runway and my father, a gypsy warlock chasing a bad dream. These two were inseparable, yet did anything and everything to keep each at distance. This wasn’t their intention, but unfortunately the results of their suppressed anger and incredible acts of instability since childhood.  With two addicted parents, madly in love and a one way ticket to earth, I decided it was time. We had to change this. It was time to heal this Karma. 

I came knowing what I was getting into. In fact before we go deeper I must say, to this day my parents have never failed me. All three of them. 

The truth is, we choose our parents. We choose the lessons that we are supposed to learn, long before the exact moments in which they come into fruition. This is why we are here, to learn, to grow and most importantly to L O V E ourselves. In turn, we can love others for who they truly are and who they are destined to become. With this, we are able to contribute to attaining the real mission of Peace on Earth. 

Most people would agree that we can only learn by what have been taught. Monkey see, monkey do. For me this wasn’t always the case. I had two parents that chose their addictions and vices before anything else, including me. 

I would often wonder, when was it my turn?

At a young age, I had to create this opportunity for myself. Day in and day out emanating the belief that if you do your best, you will have the best. Like most storms, it got bad, real bad and as the clouds parted.. The sun began to shine.

The great part, is that through all kinds of weather I have learned when to ride the wave.. And just when to let it roll. I learned early, that the only way out is through. There are times it gets rough, and even a little scary but the real gift is what you do with it. How you choose to observe, react and even more how to trust yourself. Especially The Universe. Parallel to this and my cherished guardians, I learned Self love in a completely different way.  

When I came to earth, I had to grow up real quick. While most kids we out riding bikes and chasing sunsets, I was watching my parents try to make pretends meet. Living this false reality that was so freaking real. Skipping the training wheels, this was getting out of hand and my focus was to figure out how to implement change. 

I would pray and talk to the god that we all come from.. “Please, please help me find the way.” 

The lessons would continue, I would open my eyes even wider and realize that it wasn’t just my parents that had this tunnel vision. That love was just a thing, a temporary fix and no where near to a beautiful feeling from within. Every branch of family including my aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers would begin to weigh. Going head on and face to face with their darker side. This is what we created and because we were all doing it, it felt completely normal. Addiction had taken over. We all had a problem and everyone had an excuse. 

Fortunately, my father is a man of honesty, pure integrity and full of the greatest sense of humor. Because of his impeccable qualities and straight up madd skills, he taught me everything he knew. I remember one day clearly, I asked him if he could call on anyone to get him out of any situation ever, who would it be? Without hesitation, he replied “Myself” Of course my biggest hero, would be his own hero. 

One of the hardest parts about learning the truth, is handling it. If things went wrong or didn’t add up My father always gave me this, the truth. The gray area was defined and the way out was already designed. I am so grateful for this. It supported the space for me to observe without judgment and truly understand what was happening. We like to call it “reading between the lines” Because of this I was able to remain unattached and move forward effortlessly. His positivity and loving light still impacts my every day. With these ingredients and to the core of my being, I am the woman I am today. 

Still a child. I began my search. I would spend countless hours with strangers on buses,  counseling full grown adults, drying tears of lost souls. It seemed as though for others, pain was more then a passing experience; rather a way of life. Thanks to The Divine, there I was. By creating the reflection for others to see this truth inside of themselves and helping others heal, rapid healing was occurring inside of me. Although I was holding a key, there was more and I knew it. 

Within and thereafter struggling with my own battles, the search continued. .

On my second trip to India I aligned perfectly with The Supreme God’s plan. I discovered Pranic Healing. For those of you that don’t know, Pranic Healing is an extremely effective system of no touch Healing created by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. By using our body’s natural chi, we are able to heal anything from as little as a headache and as large as cancer. All the while its not to replace standard medicine but to compliment it. 

At this point, I couldn’t believe my life. My Guru, divinely presented himself and the solution I had been searching for was placed in my palms. Throughout my studies, I would learn this was my karma and I was here to help others heal. So. Be. It.

Fast foreword to the present day, I have taken all of this and turned it into my driving force. My family is healing, growing stronger and together. We actually care to be in the same room, for long durations and more often. My friends, short live their pain and trauma. And with deep gratitude, more and more people turn to me to aid in their healing journey. I can say whole heartedly that with the presence of of my Guru, I never run out of fuel. It is my mission to help others that seek it. To use this gift to make the world a better place. Grand Master Choa’s  Dream is to have one Pranic Healer per household. In turn, we will achieve Peace on Earth. With ever part of my being, I am supremely honored to be apart of it. 

Last summer.. This website you’re on, was born. A pure manifestation of this path I continue to explore. Each year, I travel India and discover new parts of my soul. Along the way, I take my practices deeper, and align with other creative souls that too share this dream. Together we co-create and share our gifts with the outer world. Every single piece is well sought and curated with precise intention. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g supports a cause. Here at The Meraki Mint, we believe that we can inspire each other through soul expression and wholesome reflection. What we think, we become. I personally hope that any piece you resonate with, will expand your awareness and enhance your own journey. The more we heal the more possible everything becomes. May you understand just how incredibly valuable you are. Most importantly, may you remember your own Divine gifts and use them. 

My most positive day was the day I arrived. What I have done with it, is all for you. 




Cheyanne Walker is a Pranic Healer, Macrame Artist, and founder of TMM. Her bright light is recognized by her kind heart, pure example and innovative ways of helping others rediscover their greatness. With her Arhatic Yoga mindset, she empowers others to look inward to achieve the possible. Through culture, creativity and curiosity, she believes we can add depth to any horizon. Passion is her fashion and she wears it well.