The Meraki Mint?

Meraki; To put a piece of yourself into something that you create.

With love. With all your Heart  and soul. 


About The Meraki Mint

Hi Beautiful! Im Cheyanne Walker, founder and creator of The Meraki Mint! 

I am super excited that you’re here and I graciously welcome you!

(If I could jump through this screen right now and hug you, I would.) 

I am courageous women on journey to empower the world through intention & experience.  

I travel. I connect, co-create and distribute. California to India, from one continent or city to the next. I get to know unique people everywhere I go. Many people from different cultures, many on a journey of the extraordinary to the ordinary. As we talk, we connect and I do what I do best, listen. Ultimately the biggest sum of all, is the soul desire to truly love who they are. Along the way I make one of a kind jewelry and put intentional meaning into it. I enjoy tying knots to form jewelry, macrame is my main jam but my designs range from mixed metals to mystic masterpieces. I create, they create, we all create. Bringing culturally diverse artists to the table. Together we make this dream possible. To create wearable art and share it with the world. We prioritize our accessories and make them accessible. After contributing to seven different years at Burning Man, I am certain that Radical Self Expression is a crucial element to life that should be revealed. 

You see..This vision I had, started about seven years ago when I embarked on my 2nd backpacking trip to India. I left home searching for something, searching for missing pieces of myself. Looking for love, learning to understand trust, even more to trust myself. I was seeking stability and the magic that I knew was out there. I wanted deeper connection. I could point but I couldn’t place it, I could feel something greater and I had to find it. 13 trips and 4 backpacks later, I hold it real close to my heart. Because after all the searching, you wont believe where it was when I found it. It became certain that as I tuned into self love

everything became possible.

(I of course had lots of help and incredible guidance, you can read more about it here)

We are so blessed! Surly, we can all give Thanks (right now) to the Universe, as each of us hold this parallel. 

Real quick, can you Imagine: I live in California, get on plane for 24hrs + take a train or a bus for another 24hrs + wanderlust all over & end up down a mystery path + connect over time with an astounding artist and then mange to get that sacred little artifact here + And then, The Universe brings you to this page and now a piece I have found in some far aways place, resonates with a piece thats inside of you that lights a fire of forward motion= That’s Pure Divinity, in action. What a beautiful world we live in, and at a click of a button, we can put that much meaning towards what we wear? 

I believe that Intention empowers possibility and unveils true, self love.

Can you feel it?

Lets fast forward to the Present day, I am a Pranic Healing Practitioner of 5 years. I am here to help others heal, to help them align with their greatness and unveil their true gifts. (Yeah, thats right you don’t need to stuff your life in bag and cross multiple oceans to find what has been patiently waiting for you. Although its worth every single moment) I am a creator, a kindness curator, a lover, a secret keeper, a macrame artist, a burner, a healer, a shooting star gazer, a goal digger, a water barer, a gratitude giver, a move maker, a soul shaker and most of all I like to turn complete strangers into friends and empower them do do great things. 

While you are here, I envision that what you’re looking for.. Finds you. I hope you energetically gain. I believe that intention will take you everywhere you imagine. Do it! May you be inspired. May you lean in with meaningful & mindful moderation as you connect more deeply to your purpose. You know, my heart is with you and I am always here for you. Remember, in the end the only person that will ever get you anywhere, is YOU

Enjoy what you love, shine bright and bless all that you do! 

Lots of Love and Light,


Every action has a reaction. Here. We, grow. 

Our Mission at The Meraki Mint is to heal and empower the world with cultured intention. One human.

One heartfelt connection at a time.


Macramé is more than a knot. For Soulmetry, it is one thousand tiny points of intention that are tied into an artifact of personal power. Soulmetry is an intensely personal manifestation of ancient techniques with earth inspired elements and the incredible power of intention.

With more than strings attached, this is Soulmetry. 


How we GIVE BACK ♥

Give and receive, but don't give to receive.

With gratitude, portions of our proceeds help others thrive:


GMCKS: The Caring Hearts Foundation