Lakshmi Lace Macrame Statement Necklace

Lakshmi Lace Macrame Statement Necklace


Inspired by the Hindu Goddess of Abundance, Lakshmi.

Decadent, full of grace and timeless beauty. This handmade micro-macrame statement piece bares all. Weaved with fortune and pressed with patience. A full flavor Agate Healing Stone centers this necklace, as petals of Deep Sea Blue lace unfold to complete this intricate design. With an adjustable sliding clasp, necklace can be worn at the wears desire. High throat or Hearts center. This piece is special and is meant for anyone looking to connect more deeply to self, open up or add unique depth to an occasion.

Fire Agate Healing Stone Benefits to wearer:

  • Balance Yin & Yang Energy

  • Stimulates courage

  • Receive protection & Healing

  • Experience Calmness

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Alter levels of acceptance

  • Embrace inner Power

  • Stand firm with decision making

  • Connects with Third Eye and Heart Chakra

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